Dr. Norman Nano E Daily Serum Gel | 30ml

DR NORMAN™ NANO E Daily Serum Gel uses a rich blend of natural sourced full spectrum vitamin E which contains significant amounts of tocotrienol and tocopherol. In addition, the Daily Serum Gel contains powerful carotenoids such as β-carotene and Vitamin C.

The active ingredients were made using state of the art nanotechnology from a sustainable Malaysian Palm Oil source. Together with a special aloe vera gel formulation, the micronutrients are very effective in providing skin hydration and anti-microbial activity.

The formulation is naturally safe and effective ingredients with multi-usage potential as 5-in 1 serum gel for whitening, anti-wrinkle, scar treatment, hydration and sun protection.

The DR NORMAN™ NANO E Daily Serum Gel can be used daily after a bath or facial wash to optimize hydration of the skin.

The high Vitamin E, and especially the tocotrienol content in the DR NORMAN™ Nano E Daily Serum Gel prevents the production pigmentation, thus encouraging the whitening of skin. The active ingredients help reduce the appearance of scars, provides sun protection, sun burn, helps to relieve eczema, atopy dermatitis and helps to reduce acne problems.

Directions: Apply two of DR NORMAN™ Daily Serum Gel on the entire face after facial cleansing in the morning. We do not recommend using more than this amount because the formulation and nanoscale micronutrients will form an effective and protective layer under the skin at 5 microns.

Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe vera, α-tocopherol, β-tocopherol, γ-tocopherol, δ-tocopherol, α-tocotrienol, β-tocotrienol, γ-tocotrienol, δ-tocotrienol, α-carotene, β-carotene, vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid.


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